TEMPy documentation

TEMPy is an object-oriented Python library designed to help the user in the analysis of structures of macromolecular assemblies, especially in the context of 3D electron microscopy density maps. It is designed with a set of functionalities that assess the goodness-of-fit between a given atomic model and a density map or between two maps using a variety of different scoring functions.It can also generate various ensembles of alternative fits, which has been shown to be useful in assessing a model fit and find other models with good density fit. In the future, TEMPy will also include a suite of functions for density fitting.

TEMPy makes use of open source python libraries including NumPy, SciPy and Biopython. TEMPy is flexible, allowing users to build their own functions for specific purposes.

For the use of plotting TEMPy uses matplotlib but this optional.


This software is made available under GPL V3, together with some additional documentation.

Download the latest version here.


If you use TEMPy, please cite:

Farabella, I., Vasishtan, D., Joseph, A.P., Pandurangan, A.P., Sahota, H. & Topf, M. TEMPy: a Python library for assessment of three-dimensional electron microscopy density fits. (2015). J. Appl. Cryst. 48, 1314-1323, link.

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